10 Easy and Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Tips

Fall is a great time of year for Colorado homeowners to make a few improvements to their homes, or home goods, before winter sets in. If you’ve got a little time this weekend and are looking for a few DIY upgrades, here are 10 easy and budget-friendly ideas to get you started:

1. Enhance Your Front Porch and Door


It’s easy to replace your front door or repaint it. Red doors are classic, beautiful, and will look especially welcoming for the holidays. Bright yellow or blue doors are also becoming more popular choices. Additionally, repaint the trim, change the lighting fixture, or install new house numbers.

2. Install a New Backsplash in Your Kitchen

This may not sound easy or budget-friendly, but if you opt for a fun metal tile or even a painted backsplash it can be totally DIY. If you decide to go the paint route, try chalkboard or metallic paint for something fun and unexpected.

3. Build a Headboard

You’ve probably seen lots of headboards on blogs, Pinterest and the like - there’s a reason for that. They’re easy and fun! We love headboards built out of old doors or windows.

4. Add Elements Like Crown Molding or Baseboard

If you want to elevate your living or dining room, or even your bedrooms, crown molding is a beautiful and easy way to add architectural interest and style. It’s easy to do and a lumberyard can cut the wood to size for you. Just be sure you measure first! 

5. Hang New Lighting Features

homecraftsdenver (1).png

It’s amazing how much of a difference a new pendant, chandelier or even lamp can make. A lot of homes come with ceiling lights that are essentially the beige paint of the lighting world. If you’re looking for an easy way to transform a whole room, look up. Ensure that the breakers are off before you mess with any electrical components. Not sure you want to risk it? An electrician or handyman can assist you. If you’re especially crafty you can make your own pendant out of household items like teacups, mason jars or even colanders!

6. Upgrade Hardware

Perhaps your cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom are looking a little dated or tired, but you can’t afford to replace them completely? Try switching out the handles and pulls for an instant refresh. If this doesn’t make you love your cabinets again, it can help you see if they really do need to be upgraded. 

7. Paint Your Cabinets


…so the hardware update didn’t do the trick. Try repainting or re-staining cabinets, as opposed to an invasive overhaul. This can be a little more time intensive than some of the other tips on this list but it’s still very manageable in a weekend. Try a bright color, dark stain, or mix and match. Dark cabinets on the floor and light cabinets on the ceiling are having a big moment right now.

8. Refresh an Entryway of a Half Bathroom

It’s easier to make a big change in less time if you start with small space. A bold paint color or even patterned wallpaper can really perk up a space, and won’t be overwhelming in a small area. 

9. Upgrade (More) Hardware

Faucets are also an easy DIY update. Start with the kitchen or main bathroom. Shut off water at its source before doing any demolition. 

10. Plant Flower Bulbs

Alright, this isn’t an instant change. But if you plant bulbs now, you will be treated to beautiful blooms in the spring. It’s always nice to see flowers after a long winter!