Find Your She Shed Inspiration

Ladies, it’s time you took some time for yourself! Women are increasingly busy balancing careers, families, and all of the other responsibilities that womanhood entails. It's important to create a personal, individualized space in order to maintain cohesion in your life (and personal sanity). Enter the She Shed. 

The She Shed is the perfect stand-alone structure that provides a canvas for customizable features that fit your personality.

The first step toward creating an ideal space for yourself is assessing your internal desires. What's going to fill you up? Are you in need of alone time? Time to reconnect with your long lost hobby, or maybe for some much-needed social time? The She Shed has the potential to fit any and all of your needs. There are just a few questions you need to ask yourself in order to create the shed of your dreams!

It is important to determine the lasting purpose of your shed. Are you looking for a space that is:


Create a space that revolves around you! This is your space of solitude; decorate your She Shed with your favorite adornments, inspirational content and quotes that refocus your path, define your goals and rejuvenate your being.  Some essential accessories are a comfy sitting space, yoga mat and a multitude of your favorite books. Feng Shui may be a great option to encourage positive energy flow.


Stock up your shed with all the creative essentials. Whether your hobby is gardening, crafting, painting, or anything that strikes your fancy, the theme of your She Shed should revolve around your own personal expression. Speckle the space with scraps of inspiration. Let your creativity flow harmoniously between you and the surrounding space. Your canvas is not limited to the 24” by 30” blank slate in front of you; it is the entirety of your shed and life. Your creativity is endless and so are the possibilities of your space!


Ever need a space where that girl gab doesn’t drift? The She Shed provides a space for free expression, ultimately building a stronger bond between you and your closest friends. Add a self-serve bar for added flair but make sure you like entertaining because your She Shed will be a favorite among friends!

Next, choose the base colors that harmonize with your purpose. Color psychology is real! Bright colors such as crimson, orange, and yellow are notorious for power, energy, and optimism; while colors at the bottom of the rainbow such as aqua, indigo, and violet draw out creativity, intuition and relaxation.  Beware: don’t go overboard with your color choice. Your accent color is perfect in small doses - maybe as a accent wall or highlighted through accessories.


Saving the most important for last. Be sure to set out devout guidelines that combine your purpose with the outcome of your space. In a world that is more and more demanding and very unpredictable, the She Shed is a place that you can control. Some ideas might be scheduling a solitary hour each day, or planning a get together once a week. The space is yours, so set yourself up for success with a goal oriented plan from the get go.

There are infinite possibilities that can come from the redefinition of your storage shed to a She Shed just for you. Create a unique theme that fits your personality. Have fun with it and make your She Shed everything you desire! The external expression of who you are will help you create space and perspective on the dynamic you live.