Ways to Keep Your Home Fur-Free

It’s a given. People love their homes. They also love their pets. But pet fur is the enemy of keeping a clean home—it sticks to everything—clothing, upholstery, and rugs. A surplus of pet hair can be off-putting to potential buyers, a major annoyance to those who suffer from pet allergies, and affect the overall appeal of your home.

What’s a homeowner to do? TRELORA has you covered, and not with pet fur. It is essential for sellers to keep their homes tidy and fur-free while their property is on the market. Here are some tips to keep you from pulling out your own hair while keeping the fur from flying:

Daily Brushing

Pets shed like crazy, but make a daily habit of brushing them, and there will be much less fur accumulating on carpets, furniture, and clothing. The FURminator deshedding tool works on the pet’s undercoat, raking out the loose hair, and it reduces shedding up to 90%. For dogs and cats, depending on their size and the length of their fur, prices range from $37.99-$72.99. It will be money well spent. Use the FURminator outside if possible. There is even a version made just for small house pets—think guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets.


Deep clean rugs and carpets with a vacuum specifically made for homes with pets. Or let a robot do the dirty work—Roomba’s newest model does an excellent job picking up pet fur and removing dander from carpets, rugs, and hard flooring. You may end up terrifying your furry friend on a consistent basis, but at least your surfaces will be clear of pet hair. 

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Eliminate Hairball Patrol

Less loose hair equals fewer hairballs. In addition to daily furminating sessions, consult a veterinarian about selecting the proper food for long-haired pets. Always choose a top quality brand where the first ingredient is meat, and there are no strange, unpronounceable additives. Proper diet reduces dander and fur loss.

Do a Quick Clean-Up

Lint rollers, duct tape wound around the hand sticky side out, even a dampened dishcloth or sponge—all will remove fur from clothing and furniture. The dryer will also quickly remove fur from clothing.

Install an Air Purifier

If there is an allergy sufferer in the home, invest in an air purifier to remove dander and improve air quality. Keeping pets out of the affected person’s bedroom will lessen the chance of an allergy flare-up. Expert duct cleaning is also an option, especially recommended when moving into a new home.