Home Staging and Design

Home Staging is literally “setting the stage” for potential homebuyers. The ultimate goal is for a buyer to choose your home over all others based on the features your house embodies.

Design, on the other hand, is all about personalization. Your home’s design is made up of color choices, fabrics, the accessories that you choose, and the way you use the space. It’s what makes your house your home.

So, what should you consider when selling your home; staging or design? TRELORA encourages you to make home staging your number one priority. You want to minimize your personal design in order to emphasize the attributes of your home. This will allow prospective buyers to envision themselves in your home, and how they can incorporate their design into the space to make it their own.

To help you stage your home, make a list of the things you loved about your house the first time you saw it. What were they? The soaring ceilings, amazing views, huge bedrooms or kitchen island? Whatever they were will often be the same things that the future buyer will love, too. After you decide on 3-5 things you absolutely love about your home, focus on these areas so our cameras can feature them.

Here are the Top Five Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Home For Potential Buyers: 

Remove personal photos. 

This includes removing photos from the refrigerator, mantelpiece and off the top of desks and dressers. Keep your personal life private during the listing process.

Follow the “8 Square Foot” rule. 

Every flat surface in the home that is less than 8 square feet should have only one item on it for camera day. Think clutter free! You can add things like clocks, coasters and phones back after our camera leaves.

Follow the 40% rule. 

Never cover more than 40% of the floor space in any room and avoid placing furniture at an angle in smaller rooms. In larger rooms float furniture away from the walls.

Follow the clutter-free rule. 

Remove all clutter from desks, organize kids’ toys in bins and baskets, hide pet's bowls and bedding, neatly organize book shelves.

Make your home bright. 

Change all light bulbs to the highest wattage the light fixtures will allow. Turn on lamps and light fixtures on photography day, as well as during all showings. This will help accentuate your home’s best features!