Easy Front Yard Improvements For Selling Your Home

When you're preparing to sell your home, it's easy to underestimate the importance of the front yard — after all, you probably don't spend much time there compared to the inside or back yard. To a potential buyer, though, front yard landscaping and maintenance suggests how well you took care of the property, in general, and creates a first impression that can determine whether they want to see more after a drive-by. That first impression can speed up a sale and potentially add thousands of dollars to a bid. TRELORA understands that sellers often have a limited amount of time and money to invest, so here are some short-term — but responsible — fixes to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Expand and Enliven Gardens with Fresh Mulch

New mulch gives gardens a healthy and well-tended appearance, and gives you a break from battling weeds. Apply generously throughout gardens and around the bases of trees.

Also, many Colorado buyers nowadays prefer yards with smaller lawns in favor of large xeriscaped gardens and mulched areas to cut back on mowing and maintenance. You can spread a layer of newspaper or weed barrier topped with mulch right over existing grass to claim lawn areas for garden beds. This is a good way to revive lawn areas that have been invaded by weeds, damaged by pets, or aren't within reach of automatic sprinklers. We suggest planting shrubs or drought-tolerant perennials in poorly irrigated areas of your lawn. 

Several municipalities in the Denver Metro offer residents free mulch made from Christmas trees, trimmed tree branches and trunks. You’ll need a pickup truck or container to take home a load and in some cases will need to show proof of residence. Utilize the links below to find information on pickup days and times for each city: 






Remove Dead of Dying Branches From Trees and Shrubs 

A healthy, mature tree can add up to $10,000 to the sale value of a home, but not if it appears sickly or damaged. If a tree has lost more than 50 percent of its canopy to die-back its best to remove and replace it completely. It is important to remember that even healthy trees may lose a few branches every year and require a little attention. Hire an arborist (a professional tree-trimmer) if your tree is especially large, has branches that need to be cut are out of your reach, or if you simply feel too inexperienced. Also be sure to remove branches and shoots that hang too low, or are sprouting up from the base of a tree where they don't belong. Find more information on tree care and pruning in Colorado from the Colorado State University extension office here. A little bit of money or effort will transform the look of your tree, and by extension, your home. The benefits greatly outweigh the cost!

Consider Replacing the Mailbox and Address Numbers

These are the first things people see when they're locating your home, so make sure they're in good repair and that the numbers are easily readable from the street. Take care to leave a porch light on in the evenings for the duration of the period your home is listed. If your address numbers are obscured by shadows in the afternoon or evening, consider painting them with a higher-contrast paint color so they stand out from their backdrop. There are federal regulations concerning the height and numbering of mailboxes, so be sure to keep these in mind if you choose to install a new one. You can find details on that here.

Ramp Up Your Watering Schedule


Your usual watering schedule is a balance of economic, environmental and aesthetic concerns, but when you're trying to sell it's okay to pick up the pace for a short time to be sure the lawn and garden are thriving. Don't overdo it — a 25 percent increase in watering time or one extra watering day per week should invigorate your lawn, but pose no threat of damage as a result of overwatering.

Ask Questions About What Buyers Are Looking For

Talk to your real estate company or professional after they've had a chance to look at your property to get additional suggestions on what you should do for a quicker sale. Remember that the things you find sentimental or appealing might not necessarily be the same for many of the buyers in your market, and that first impressions count.