A Buyer's Guide: Your Home Search

Are you an opinionated person?

If we took you to a gourmet ice cream shop and offered to buy you a scoop of vanilla, how would you feel about that? Shortchanged? Maybe a little bit sad?

If you are happy to settle for vanilla while we eat a triple scoop sundae with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top right in front of you – then you’ve either got bland taste buds or you really aren’t opinionated, after all. For our part, we’ve managed to give ourselves an insatiable craving for ice cream and now we’re going to talk about your house hunt (immediately followed by an ice cream run). 

Image: extravaganzaentertainment.com

Even if you’re lactose intolerant, we’re betting you have an opinion about the type of home you’d like to live in. Traditional Tudor, midcentury ranch, or sleek high rise condo. Urban, suburban, or rural location. Spare room for the in-laws or an extra living space for your cats. (Hey - we’re not here to judge.) Your search for the ideal home is monumentally important – and our goal is to help you buy your next home and save you money in the process.

When it comes to your home search, you are the expert. Once upon a time the process of finding your next home was shrouded in mystery: you’d dial up a real estate agent on your rotary telephone, mention how many bedrooms you’d need for you, your 2.5 children and the dog, and you’d be chauffeured about for a few afternoons to a series of white-picket-fence two story homes in an array of exciting choices: white, tan or green.

Then a little thing called “the internet” came along...

And get this – the mystery that once surrounded the real estate industry has evaporated and *poof* - you can now pull out your handy dandy smart phone and conduct your own home search, saving time and a significant amount of money in the process. Conducting your own home search and even setting your own showings is easy – and you’ll thank us later when you’re counting up the money you saved by working with commission-free TRELORA to purchase your next home. 

Step 1:

Search online for properties in your desired neighborhood(s). 

We recommend searching with TreloraTruliaZillow, and even Craigslist.

Step 2:

Take it to the streets. 

Drive through the area you’re interested in and make note of homes for sale. Look up addresses of homes you liked and research school and neighborhood stats on the websites noted above.

Step 3:

Schedule showings. 

“But wait,” you exclaim in disbelief, “only real estate agents can schedule showings!” Not true! You can schedule your own showings and save money doing it. Make a list of properties you are interested in, choose a window of time (say, Saturday afternoon from 2-4) and set showing appointments for homes within a particular geographic area. When you look up the listings you are interested in, you’ll have access to information for the listing agent as well. Call him or her directly, or their office, to schedule your appointment.* Keep a log of your appointments and arrive at the property at the scheduled time.

*Be aware that when you do this, the agent showing you his/her listing will try to convince you to sign a Buyer Agency Agreement stating you will use their services to search for and purchase a home. Don’t do it! Instead of an overpriced commission, TRELORA works with you for a simple flat fee – no matter the price of the property you purchase, you’ll know exactly how much our services cost. Instead of investing in inflated real estate commissions, you’ll be putting more of your hard earned money directly into your home purchase. Doesn’t that sound nice?

"But I heard the seller pays all of the commissions in a real estate transaction..."

This is one way of looking at things, but as a buyer you should educate yourself on how the math actually works out. Click here to learn who pays real estate commissions and why they affect buyers.

When you take control of your home search and the showing process, you’ll end up with the right home for you, because you found it yourself – and it’s so much easier than you’ve been led to believe – no hocus pocus whatsoever.

The cherry on top? You’ll end up in a home you love with more equity to show for it, because TRELORA will save you thousands in commissions with one flat fee.