A Denver Savings Story: Josh Crittenden

Savings story, Denver home seller listed his home with TRELORA and saved big bucks with our flat fee real estate services; John Crittenden sold his home in Northglenn and saved over $7,580 in commissions.

Here is a quick breakdown of the deal: Josh sold his home, with a final sale price of $360,000. If he had used a traditional commission structured brokerage, Josh would have offered 2.8% to his listing agent, and another 2.8% to the agent that brought the buyer.

That is $20,160 in commissions!

Instead, Josh decided to ditch inflated real estate commissions for a flat fee, full-service brokerage, TRELORA. He offered the buyer's agent $5,000 flat fee in the multiple listing service, and paid TRELORA a flat fee of $2,500. The buyer's agent compensation was then negotiated as part of the transaction. Josh ended up paying $10,080 to the buyer agent and still saved on the listing side.

No matter what the compensation offered to the buyer's agent, TRELORA can help buyers and sellers save more of their home equity and keep more home equity in their pockets.

SOLD: 3061 E 109th Ave.

Real estate is an expensive proposition whether you are buying your first home or selling your current home. Keep more home equity in your pocket and save big on commissions. 

Joshua Crittenden’s family bought and sold real estate the traditional way a couple of times before working with TRELORA.

I initially picked TRELORA because of the flat fee business model. My image of the flat fee agent was that I would get lower quality service. I went into the transaction expecting the house to sell because Denver is such a hot market, anyway.

I was very positively surprised! TRELORA offered great service, even better than a traditional Realtor – starting with Antonio who gave us tips on what would help sell my home.
— Josh Crittenden

Josh expected to sell his home for $345,000. Given Denver's hot market, and TRELORA's strong negotiation skills, Josh ended up selling his home for $15K over asking price! 

Josh's home sold within just 2 days of going active on the market!

Antonio came Thursday, the photographer came Friday, our listing went live Sunday, we had an above asking price offer on Monday, and we were under contract for $15k above asking price on Tuesday!
— Josh Crittenden

What Josh liked best about TRELORA:

"The professional photography was great! Past agents charged a fee to use their professional photographer and the photos looked amazing! 

The text messaging feature was really cool as well. I would text into the TRELORA team, and because fo their team structure, always received a prompt response with all of the information I needed, even on the weekend.

Finally, when offers came in, the TRELORA team was aggressive in negotiating for the best price. We listed at $345,000 and sold for $360,000."

Josh saved $7,580 on his transaction using TRELORA, so what did he do with all his savings?

We completely gutted our new house and were able to put in a hefty amount of improvements, and pay off our truck! TRELORA was a big part of that, saving us close to $8 grand!
— Josh Crittenden

What would you tell someone about TRELORA?

The savings! You’re gonna save a lot of money and get just as great of service, if not better. The specialist approach works!

Without question, if I were selling a house again today, I’d use TRELORA.
— Josh Crittenden