A Seller's Guide: Staging Your Home

Here's a list of the top five things you can do to make your home shine on photography day and prepare for potential buyers:


Decluttering is the most important step you can take toward preparing your home for photography day and buyer showings. Remove all clutter from desks, organize kids’ toys in bins and baskets, hide pet's bowls and bedding, neatly organize book shelves. If you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin your organizational purge, check out ourSeller's Guide: Decluttering Before You Move

Follow the 40% Rule  

Never cover more than 40% of the floor space in any room and avoid placing furniture at an angle in smaller rooms. In larger rooms float furniture away from the walls. 

Follow the “8 Square Foot” Rule

Every flat surface in the home that is less than 8 square feet should have only one item on it for camera day. Kitchens are oftentimes cluttered culprits. Make sure to remove all non-decorative items from countertops, including dish soap, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. Remove magnets from the refridgerator. You can add things like clocks, coasters, and phones back after our camera leaves, but you might as well pack non-essential items while you're in staging mode.


Remove Personal Photos

This includes removing photos from the refridgerator, mantelpiece, and off the top of desks and dressers. Keep your personal life private during the listing process. During a showing, buyers need to be able to imagine their life in your home, not yours.

Make Your Home Bright

Change all light bulbs to the highest wattage the light fixtures will allow. Turn on lamps, light fixtures, stove-top lighting, and other secondary light sources on photography day, as well as during all showings. Open curtains and blinds all the way in every room. Blinds should be twited to the open position, not pulled up. This will help accentuate your home’s best features!


Decluttering and staging your home may seem like huge chores amid the stress of your home sale, but preparing yourself on the front end will save time down the road and your tidy, thoughtfully-staged home will impress potential buyers during the home showing process.