Closing Price to List Price Ratio

How does TRELORA compare?

Some of the partners at TRELORA are math nerds, and they’ve asked us to share some “really cool information” with you. (At this point we’d like to make fun of them for pushing their glasses up a little higher while they snorted with excited laughter a-la-Steve Urkel, but nerds are cool now, so we won’t go there. Oh darn – we just did!


The really-cool-thing they asked us to share is this: for the entirety of 2015, the Close Price to List Price ratio for TRELORA and all of MLS were neck-and-neck, ranging in difference from 1/10th of a percent to 1.1%.

What that means is, in general, the ability of TRELORA to achieve a final home sales price close to (or even above) the listing price is in line with the overall Denver marketplace. 

“Big deal!” you say. 

“So what, math nerds!” you say. 

I’m gonna go back to watching YouTubes videos of cats now,” you threaten.  

Wait – there is more to the story! (More math, that is.) 

REColorado reported a year-to-date average sold price of $360,527 for 2015 (single family homes and condos). At a typical 6% commission rate, an “average” seller working with a Realtor in the Denver area paid $21,631.62 in commission on the sale of their home. It can also be argued that the buyer paid more for their “average” house in order to help cover that hefty commission cost. 

We like TRELORA math better! Take the same “average” house with a sales price of $360,527. Don’t multiply it by anything – after all, TRELORA is the nation's only commission free brokerage for both buyers and sellers, and we like to keep it simple. Subtract $2,500 for full service listing representation with TRELORA. Subtract another $2,500 for full service representation for the buyer through TRELORA. Now join us in a math nerd happy dance, because the “average” seller last year could have saved $16,631.62 working with TRELORA – and some of our clients saved even more. 

This is good news – for math nerds and for the rest of us.