Denver Real Estate Market Hotness Score

When you think of your house, how would you rate it, on a score of 1-10? An average 5 or 6? A we’re-working-on-it 4? What about a smokin’ 8 or 9? 

Housing markets (and therefore home prices where you live) have a measurable hotness factor. According to a recent Denver Business Journal article, Zillow (and other sources) predict that Denver will be the nation’s top housing market this year. Whether you live in a fixer-upper or a show home, this is fantastic news. Longtime Metro Denver residents have seen unrealistic highs and disappointing lows over the past decade; a strong housing market, strong economy and positive job market growth make this a rewarding time to call Denver home.  

“Denver homeowners have hung in there through some challenging years in the housing market, and it’s gratifying to see their fortitude pay off. This is why the pro-consumer Trelora model works so well. Homeowners put the blood, sweat, tears and time into growing their home’s equity. And we believe they should hang on to more of it.”
— Joshua Hunt, founder & managing broker of TRELORA


According to Zillow, several factors go into determining the “hotness score” of major metropolitan areas including: projected home appreciation, income growth and unemployment levels. Like a genius-level fortune cookie, Zillow feeds various data into a super computer (we’re assuming it looks like a bulky spaceship-type machine straight out of a midcentury Sci-Fi movie), and out pops a list of the really hot cities to buy or own a home in. 

We think the Zillow Super Computer of Hotness Prediction looks something like this.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Denver Real Estate game, and the ideal time to work with Trelora. If you’ve heard about us, you already know we’re saving consumers thousands of dollars with commission free Real Estate services. Imagine how much more valuable home equity you have to protect – and keep – given the current status of the Denver housing market.