Economic Stimulus for Real People

What would you do with an extra $5,000 in your pocket? 

What about $10,000? $15,000? Even more? 

What if

The team at TRELORA spends a lot of time thinking. Don’t get us wrong – we’re doers, too. But we value the synergy that takes place when we focus on a particular challenge or imagine an intriguing “What if?” as a group. Thinking about how the real estate industry could be different // better is what brought this organization to life in the first place, and thoughtful ingenuity is the life’s blood of our work. 

So back to those tidy sums of money we mentioned. 

The average TRELORA client saves about $12,000 on the sale or purchase of their home through the flat fee service we offer as an alternative to the traditional commission you are used to; many people save even more, because our fee doesn’t change when the home in question is more expensive. We believe the exact same service should cost the same amount – no matter the price tag on the home. 

We know we are impacting individuals and families every day, because people tell us how much they love the TRELORA experience. We also know our clients are keeping more of their equity right where it belongs – in their own pocket. We are reminded every single day that good things are happening because of the work we do. But we want to know more. 

  • What has happened historically when middle class consumers receive an economic stimulus? (Examples include a significant reduction in fuel costs over a period of time, or an increase in the average tax return for middle class families.) 
  • How does the 5 // 10 // 15 thousand dollars that stays in the pockets of TRELORA clients impact the Metro Denver economy? 
  • We’ve saved consumers $16,021,401 to date, and this number grows every day. How might the United States economy be impacted if consumers across the country had access to flat fee, full service real estate representation as an alternative to the traditional 6% commission rate charged by most Realtors? 

TRELORA partners are researching these questions right now in an effort to better understand the far reaching impact a flat fee real estate model could have. A significant increase in home equity retention means the world to an individual buyer or seller. Now we’re asking, “What will it mean to the world?”

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our white paper on this topic later this month.