How Smart is Your Home?

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show last month, over 160 exhibitors featured the latest in Home Automation and Real Estate Technology. Without a doubt, home devices are getting smarter.

What can we attribute this to?

Consumers don’t want to manage their devices; they want their devices to manage mundane activities in their daily lives. Technology is rising to the challenge though a connected network tech nerds are calling the Internet of Things. Basically, the IOT is a complex network of communicating devices that learn from your daily habits, and customize the home owning experience accordingly. Machines that learn our patterns over time and adjust accordingly are the big buzz at CES 2016. Like TRELORA’s intuitive technology, these innovations are changing the way we function in and think about our homes.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a tech geek to appreciate these tech advances:

TRELORA’s Top Picks


Think a refrigerator that sends you a picture of its interior when you are at the store, letting you know what to buy. Or how about clear doors? Reducing the amount of time you spend with the doors open is a new way to increase energy efficiency. Samsung’s smart refrigerator was a top feature at CES and helps anyone who eats. 

Samsung has strongly reinvigorated the home appliance space with fresh thinking and functionality that have taken appliances from a ‘need’ to a ‘want’. With the new and innovative Family Hub Refrigerator, we are transforming the communal kitchen experience for consumers in ways that will re-define how they view and use their refrigerator. Now more than ever, we are delivering in a big way on the promise of the Internet of Things, not only in refrigeration but in cooking, with a new Wi-Fi-connected range that takes cooking convenience to a new level.
— John Herrington, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics America.

How about a single laundry machine that detects the color of your clothes and cleans and presses them to perfection? Marathon Laundry, a ventless combination washer, sports the full functionality of both devices and state-of-the-art mobile and cloud solutions for tracking and managing your laundry, the single washer-dryer device can also manage scheduling, availability, history and energy consumption.

Home Security.

The days of the key are numbered. Brands like Yale, August, or Kwikset are just cracking open the door (pun intended) on the endless possibilities of automated locks. Smart locks are a growing trend for investors with rental properties and those with a second home who use services like airbnb as well as the real estate industry for time shares, showings and more.



This aspect of Smart Home technology will bore the non-nerds among us, but the ability of new technology to integrate with our smart phones or even our cars is a major focus of new development and adds to the experience of owning a home. LG, Amazon, Google and other big names have developed platforms that welcome new technology sync ups through a single homehub.


Devices are connecting to create a holistic, intuitive home owning experience in your home. 

Nest is leading the pack in building strategic partnerships to increase energy efficiencies and provide safety information to officials. Amazon’s is taking a different approach providing an open platform so many devices can freely connect. Echo, Amazon's freestanding speaker, can run all integrated thoughtful home technology by voice command. No giant remote control – just tell your home what you want and your devices will oblige. 



Life in the information age is faster and busier than ever, and routine tasks like picking up a gallon of milk or changing the setting on your thermostat can be better handled by a machine.

Changing Family Lifestyles.

As millions of Baby Boomers come to depend more on their families and even move in with their adult children, who are often raising children of their own or hosting their adult offspring, devices that simplify elder care are growing in popularity.


In the age of information, the ultimate in technology is that which can keep our biggest investment (our homes) and the people we love most, safe. Here at TRELORA we utilize technology in an effort to save consumers time, effort and money. Talk to a member of our team today to find out how technology can save you money on your next home sale or purchase.