Arvada Market Update: The $3 Million Dollar Question

351 detached single family homes sold in Arvada, Over the past 90 Days.

Those homes represent over 300 individuals and families (subtract a handful of investors) who were part of a major milestone: they sold a home

Selling a home is a really big deal. A home sales transaction can be:

TRELORA was created for one reason: to provide the best residential real estate services to Colorado homeowners. We’re passionate about creating something better and constantly focused on innovating the industry. We believe in putting the customer’s best interest first and empowering consumers through information – which is what is happening right now as you read this post.

We believe more information + greater transparency = a better experience for real estate consumers.

TRELORA isn’t afraid to get real about the state of the industry – although it hasn’t made us popular with the Realtor in-crowd (apparently they frown on modernizing the inflated commission rate they are accustomed to); the point is, consumers deserve better: better technology, greater transparency, increased control over the process of a real estate transaction, and fair pricing in line with the level of effort it actually takes to service a real estate transaction. There is a better way to do real estate – and consumers and the industry will both benefit as this business model evolves into standard practice. 

But we digress. 

We mentioned the 351 single family homes sold in Arvada in the past 90 days. If one of those homes was your personal property – congratulations! If you didn’t use TRELORA to list your home for a flat fee of $2500, well… this is awkward. You paid too much to sell your home. 

The 351 Arvada home sellers who closed a deal in the last 90 days could have saved a total of $2,944,816 in *commission by working with TRELORA for a flat fee of $2500. Our average client saves around $12,000, and many clients save even more – without sacrificing service and all while taking advantage of some of the best consumer technology in the business. 

To date we’ve saved Metro Denver residents $16,021,401 and counting, including some very happy clients in Arvada.

So, if you’re planning to buy or sell a home in Arvada or anywhere else across the Denver area, or know someone who is, ditch the calculator and do yourself a favor: choose TRELORA. The future of real estate – available now. 

*Based on an average of 5.6% commission on the transaction.