Denver Market Update: Time is a Gift

Here at TRELORA we think about money all the time: how much consumers are (over) paying for inflated real estate commissions; how much money a buyer or seller can save with the TRELORA flat fee model of service; how much more home equity stays in your pocket when you work with us; how many millions of dollars we’ve saved Metro Denver consumers in the past 4+ years. 

You probably know how far a buck will get you, but do you know what your time is worth

Have you ever gotten to the end of a day // week // month and asked yourself:

Where did all that time go? And what did I do with it?

For most people, cold hard cash is a renewable resource; granted there could always be more of it to go around, but if you are a working person you can generally count on the next paycheck to show up, as long as you keep showing up at the office. 

Not so with time.

We are each gifted with the same 24 hours in a day, and whether your hours are spent on valuable pursuits that bring you joy or squandered on worry and mundanity, once those hours are spent, you cannot get them back. 

The good news about the Denver real estate market is that year-over-year, consumers are getting back more of their valuable time in the form of fewer Average Days to Sell – a term defined by the time between when a home is listed and when the property goes under contract. 

Average Days to Sell

The Average Days to Sell for TRELORA decreased 11 days from February 2015 to February 2016. The entire marketplace in Denver Proper saw a decrease in the Average Days to Sell of 4 days year-over-year for the month of February. This improvement is exciting news for consumers, and the Average Days to Sell will likely grow even shorter as we enter the busy spring selling season. A little insight into the spring market last year: in May 2015, TRELORA Average Days on Market in Denver was just 11 days; the same month the overall marketplace in Denver Proper was 22 days (we had ‘em beat and sold our listings in half the time, but who’s counting?)

Every single day less your home sits on the market waiting for a buyer is another day you can get on with life. It feels like the answer to all those times you’ve wished for an extra hour, or maybe even an entire day in which to get life done. When you can look forward to having your home under contract in a few weeks instead of a few months, time is truly on your side. 

If you’re a seller, go ahead and plan that vacation, research moving companies, start boxing up the piles you know belong at Goodwill. 

And if you’re a buyer? Time’s a wasting – and your dream home is going to be snapped up by someone else this month if you don’t get a move on. 

Tick tock.