TRELORA Story: Anthony Rodriguez

Anthony Rodriguez was recently advised by Denver area Realtors not to sell his home with commission-free TRELORA. Selling your home for a flat fee will save you thousands of dollars; we also know our business model threatens the real estate industry, which is clinging to an outdated, inflated pricing structure that ignores advances in technology and assumes consumers will happily continue to pay overpriced commissions because “it’s always been that way.”

What if real estate … was different?

Read Anthony’s story to find out how TRELORA is changing the face of real estate.  

So Anthony, what was your impression of TRELORA before you decided to work with us?

Before I made the decision to hire TRELORA, I was advised by other Realtors that it was a bad idea:

  • They said that I would not be able to get other Realtors to bring their clients to see our home if I was not offering full commission.
  • They said TRELORA had little or no communication with their clients, and it would be difficult to reach them with any questions.
  • They said TRELORA was not knowledgeable about the market, and I wouldn't get market value for my home.

 I put a lot of time and money into my home before listing, and I did not want to give my equity away with traditional fees and commissions. I also felt strongly that it was unfair for the buyers to require me to pay their Realtor commissions with my hard earned equity; so I decided TRELORA's approach to selling your home and protecting your equity made perfect sense.  

What happened once you decided to work with TRELORA?

The first contact I had was with Karen Jacobsen, who came out to our home to access the property and show us comps within our market. She was very knowledgeable and accurately assessed our home value compared to a few other Realtors we had come out previously. When she left we were confident we made the right decision.

The next step was to visit the TRELORA website and begin the process of contracting with them to sell our home. The site is user friendly and professionally constructed, and we had no problem navigating through the process. We were contacted the following day and introduced to our lead agent Christopher Stjernholm, who walked us thru the entire process.

They sent a photographer to our home to take pictures and prepared our listing for the MLS. This process took only a few days and we were ready to go live.

How does your story end, Anthony?

We listed on a Monday, had over 40 showings in 2 days (with no open house) and were under contract with ten offers to choose from the morning of the third day. Mind if I say WOW!?

What do you want to tell others about the TRELORA experience?

Throughout the whole process we were communicated with daily through email, text and phone calls, and we were always informed of the ongoing process.

My thanks and gratitude go out to the entire staff at TRELORA for creating a better way to sell your home and hold on to your hard-earned equity.