Core Value: Live in Curiosity

At TRELORA, our curious nature drives us to dissect, understand, and analyze the archaic norms of the real estate industry. We keep our minds focused on possibilities and maintain a sense of wonderment that drives real solutions.

Nothing unleashes our curiosity and fascination like meeting new clients. TRELORA feels that for companies to thrive in new markets, our staff must understand customers needs, concerns, problems and lifestyles. We must place ourselves directly in the shoes of our consumers and shift our perspectives to become wholly capable of leaving people better. We approach each client with an open heart and open mind, truly learning from the extraordinary people we work with.

When we are curious, we are able to use our powers of observation more fully and the world around us changes before our eyes. We can sense what is happening in the present moment, taking note of what is...We feel more alive and engaged, more capable of embracing opportunities, making connections, and experiencing moments of insight and meaning; all of which provide the foundation for a rich- aware and satisfying life experience.
— Todd Kashdan


In order to create a new paradigm of business we embrace curiosity, keeping us fresh; always curious, always engaged, always inquisitive, always looking at things a little bit differently.

Curiosity is the entry point to many of life’s greatest sources of meaning and satisfaction, it is our interests, passion, and life’s work to improve upon what is that makes our outlook on real estate exceptional. It is our calling in life.

It takes courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new...There is security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
— Alan Cohen

We believe that we can attribute our continued success to the innate curiosity and wonder that we, at TRELORA, synergistically share. Going far beyond the previously set boundaries of our industry achieving a vastly different and effective way for our customers to experience the real estate process.