Affordable Real Estate, Affordable Home Ownership

Today TRELORA and Homestead Title are volunteering at Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver's Sheridan Square project, the largest development in Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver’s history. In the spirit of spreading the word of good causes, we wanted to tell you why and how Habitat plays a critical role in the community.

In today's competitive real estate landscape, it has become harder and harder for searching buyers to find their dream home at a price that works for them. Then, there's our friends and family who can't afford any type of housing in Denver because the prices have skyrocketed or they're just not in a position to purchase a home.

Why this matters:

Affordable home buying is a rarity in the white-hot metro Denver home market. As demand outpaces supply, home prices continue to push higher and higher out of reach of hardworking families. According to the latest data for February 2017:

  • Housing inventory hit an all-time record-low in February in Denver with just 3,878 single family homes and condos active on the market

  • The average home price in Denver was $402,516 in February

  • $72,771 is the minimum annual income needed to buy a home in Denver according to

The market conditions can price out hardworking families looking to buy affordable homes. Unfortunately, this prevents families from purchasing safe and stable homes that help them build their future.

For every home listed and sold with us, TRELORA and Homestead Title will donate a portion of the sale to Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

Habitat Denver builds and sells homes to hard-working families in metro Denver making between 30-80 percent of the area median income which ranges from $24,030 to $64,080 annually for a family of four.

Habitat homeowners build their own homes alongside volunteers and community partners and pay an affordable mortgage. Homeownership for low-income families provides financial independence and stability in their lives to build brighter futures.

The support in the community helps families build financial stability, provide for their children, and help our community thrive. Whether you partner with TRELORA and Homestead Title, or with a gift of your own, we and Habitat Denver thanks you for your support of affordable homeownership.

For more information on how to donate or get involved with Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver, please email us or visit Habitat Denver's website.