Denver - the Ultimate Staycation Destination

If you're longing to get away from it all but you're short on cash or time off from work (adulthood - it happens to the best of us...), we have a novel idea for you:

Why not embrace everything wonderful Denver has to offer

and slip into vacation bliss at home?

Read on for ways to maximize your time and budget

when planning your next staycation.

  • Turn your home into a luxury hotel. If you can afford it, hire a cleaning service to spiff up your digs shortly before your time off. Make sure clean sheets and bathrooms are on the list. Imagine the divine feeling of relaxing in a home you don't have to dust/scrub/tidy - it's already been done for you. If you need a referral to a quality service near you, let us know. If you can't afford to hire maid service, spend a few hours before (not during!) your staycation putting your home in order. And if you are DIY-ing the cleaning, consider splurging on a set of crisp new linens or even a couple of ultra plush towels. Just think what you're not spending on airfare, car rental or hotel accommodations; sheets and towels are a fraction of those costs. 
  • Prepare colleagues/clients/your boss beforehand: you will be on vacation on ___ dates, and you won't be answering the phone or emails. If you were visiting the Great Wall of China or the Emerald Isle, you probably wouldn't have your laptop in tow or plan to return work related phone calls at 3pm on the dot. A staycation is still a vacation! Respect your own time and prepare your peeps to do the same. Set up voicemail and email messages letting the world know you are offline, then let yourself off the hook for a few days. 
  • Create a mini bucket list of local opportunities you'd like to explore. Have you always wanted to peruse the charming shops of Downtown Littleton? Have the alpine views of Estes Park have been calling your name. Maybe you are longing for a spa day. Search online for local day spa deals or whip up a batch of home treatments for practically pennies. 
  • If the kids are adventuring at home with you, pick up a new board game or two, plan a movie night with your favorite treats, or fire up your favorite backyard flame receptacle for s'mores under the stars. Consider setting up the tent in your own backyard - it's not as wild as camping in the great outdoors, but you'll be conveniently adjacent to home when nature calls. #winning
  • Plan your staycation dining ahead of time. Consider a continental breakfast you, your partner or entire crew can grab on the go so you don't become a week-long short order cook. Fresh fruit, frozen waffles, hard boiled eggs, instant oatmeal and cold cereal are a great start to everyone's day and require little to no supervision for bigger kids or adults. If you're staying around the house, purchase a selection of everyone's favorite sandwich fixings, chips and veggies for easy lunches. If you decide to picnic in the backyard or at a local park, you'll already have what you need to take lunch to go. Plan a fun meal or two out during your staycation if the budget allows; if funds are scarce, plan your meal out for lunch instead of dinner, or have dinner at home and go out just for fancy dessert.  

The foothills of the Rocky Mountains are an incredible place to live, and there is so much to see and do. If you are opting for a staycation this year, consider how many people actually plan a vacation to Metro Denver and surrounding areas - and you are lucky enough to live here already! Explore the people, culture, art and opportunities all around you. A Denver staycation is easy on the wallet and will remind you how wonderful your hometown is all year long. Bon (or non) voyage, friends!