Homeowner Hacks for Your Listing

Everybody loves a good hack! From tips on streamlining your closet to how to grow the brightest flowers in your garden to keeping your fridge smelling fresh, life & home hacks are where it's at. We love these home hacks from The Nest. Of course, we think working with commission free TRELORA to buy or sell your home is the ultimate real estate hack ... We have a few tips of our own to help you maximize the potential of your home while it's on the market. 

  • Invest in new towels - and keep them that way. Brand new towels will give your entire bathroom a face lift and can make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotel. Find a thoughtful way to display your new towels, coordinating hand towels, washcloths and bath mat. The key is not to use or wash them until your home is under contract and you are confident the deal will go through. Consider saving them for your next home - a lovely housewarming gift from you, to you. 
  • Turn up the heat. During cooler months, home shoppers will feel a warm embrace from your home if you crank the heat up a few degrees when you have showings. You don't have to keep it high 24/7, but turn it up a few degrees when a showing is scheduled. Same thing during the summer; even if you skimp on AC for yourself, keep your home cool and comfortable when a showing is scheduled. Buyers will remember feeling especially comfortable in your home, and this is a memorable impression to leave them with.
  • Let the sun shine in. If you've never had your windows professionally cleaned, a new listing is a great reason to do that. Your entire home will appear brighter and cleaner with sparkling windows; it's amazing what a difference this service makes, and the investment of a couple hundred bucks (or a bit of your own labor) will make your home shine.
  • Make your home ... smell like home. Did you know that scent is one of the most psychologically powerful senses? Think about your mother's perfume, the sweet smell of the lilacs that grew in your childhood backyard or the smell of your grandmother's holiday baking. When buyers walk into a house that smells like that - they instantly feel a sense of home. And you don't have to be Martha Stewart to pull off the aroma of fresh-baked goodness. Put a tablespoon or two of vanilla in a small uncovered oven safe dish at 350 degrees for a few minutes on a morning you have showings or are likely to have one scheduled. A delicious aroma will fill the air and offer the promise of family memories and good things to eat to everyone who walks in the door. Beats the smell of wet dog or litter box any day!
  • Bring life to every space you can. Fresh flowers in the master bedroom, a plant in the dining room or kitchen, a pot of blooms on the deck: toss fake flowers and enhance your spaces with something living as much as you can. Even a bowl of Granny Smiths on the kitchen counter can help. Plants freshen the air and add energy to a space; rooms without life suddenly feel more awake, just because you put a plant in them. If you have a black thumb, spend a few bucks on grocery store flowers every week or two. You'll enjoy looking at them and buyers will feel a difference in your home. 

Denver homes are selling like hotcakes and the truth is, your home is likely to sell right now without any of these tricks. Sometimes, minor adjustments like this can help you sell faster and at a higher price. And even if your home is not on the market, these tips can enhance your home and make living in it more enjoyable. Just warn your family if you are "baking" vanilla and not actual cookies so your crew doesn't go on strike. 

If you want to hack the sale of your home with commission free service from TRELORA, drop us a line. We're helping Denver buyers and sellers like you hold on to more of their hard earned home equity every day. No tricks - just full service, excellent communication and the best technology for one flat fee.