Simple Remodeling Projects to Hide the Ugly

If you own a home, chances are you have read about remodeling, talked about remodeling with your friends and neighbors and spent plenty-o-time pondering your kitchen / bathroom / bedroom / yard and every other fix-uppable space in your home. You may not have the funds to add a bedroom or a magazine worthy deck, but for minimal investment you can upgrade or cover up the eyesores in your home, improving your outlook at home and adding value to a future sale. Read on for our favorite mini (but mighty) home remodeling projects. 

Just imagine if you had this much ugly to fix!


Hide unsightly technology.

TVs offer a world or entertainment and educational options, but in and of themselves they are a bit of an eyesore - especially the trailing cords. For anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars, you can hide the cords or give your television set up a bit of a face lift

Make over a bland or unsightly front door. 

For $300 and up (not including installation) you can replace your front door. For the cost of a paint brush and a can of paint, you can give it a fresh new look for less than $50. You'll improve your home's curb appeal and a classy front door can help you leave future buyers with a memorable impression. 

Hide an outdoor AC unit.

There's nothing particularly redeeming about a hefty metal outdoor AC unit, but if you're stuck with one on a porch, patio or somewhere visible in your yard, for a couple hundred bucks and a couple hours of effort, you can build a louvered screen to cover it up while still allowing it to function like blogger Kim of KimSixFix

Spruce up an ugly concrete fence.

If your home features a cinder block fence, you can dig it up and replace it for a few grand if that's an option, but for a couple hundred bucks you can give it a facelift over the course of a weekend. 

Add function and beauty to an unattractive basement wall. 

If you are lucky enough to have an "opportunity basement" (read: unfinished), you may benefit from the project undertaken by Becky of Organizing Made Fun. She had a dingy, pipe-filled wall in her laundry room that was a bit of a bummer, so she painted and installed a charming pegboard to the space to add attractive function. 

Hide a thermostat or other clunky wall-mounted object.

There are worse uglies to be hidden in your home than thermostats, wall-mounted garage door openers and other such utilitarian items, but finding design-friendly ways to hide these boxy plastic installations is affordable and even fun for the home design geeks among us. We love Kristen's idea from My Clever Slice of Suburbia, to upcycle a cheap thrift store frame with a bit of paint and a hinge to cover up her black plastic garage door switch.