Smart Consumers - Savvy Decisions

If Lucky Charms goes on sale 2-for-1 in the smaller box, we’re betting you ditch the megabox and toss a couple of smaller boxes in the cart. You don’t have to be an obsessive compulsive coupon shopper to make thoughtful decisions about how you spend (and save) your money – but it does pay to be informed. If you’re planning to purchase a Denver area home or sell the home you’re in now, you may have questions like: How much experience does each potential agent have? How much will it cost to sell my home or work with an agent to purchase a home? Who sets the amount of commission I’m expected to pay?

A sweet little fact from the back of the real estate box: You hold more cards than you think – and even without a coupon, app or guy on the inside, you don’t have to pay expensive commissions of 5.6% (or more!) to buy or list your home. TRELORA offers top notch technology, transactional transparency and remarkable service – and we don’t charge a hefty commission rate. Buyers and sellers alike pay $2500 to engage our services, regardless of the price of the home. Technology has streamlined transactions to the benefit of both agents and consumers, but the real estate industry is clinging to the sky high commission rates they’ve enjoyed for many years – despite clear indications that our jobs are simplified and we should be passing those savings on to the consumer.

We do things differently at TRELORA. Just ask Jane:

So Jane, you were looking for a different kind of experience when you listed your home. Tell us about that.

It is foolish to sell your home the traditional way with high REALTOR® commission.

We recently sold our home; after a bit of research on how to avoid throwing our home investment of 20 years away for ridiculous REALTOR® fees, I found and took a chance on TRELORA.

You took a chance on something different. Did your gamble pay off?

Absolutely the BEST decision ever … in the real estate game. We received the exact same service expected of a traditional seller's agent and so much more.

You saved a significant amount of money by saying, “NO!” to high REALTOR® commission. Did you have to sacrifice service to achieve these savings?

The people at TRELORA have the finest customer service from the moment you call and throughout the very stressful process. They are totally professional and give you constant attention from first listing to closing. Their photographer took great photos of our home and we had 3 offers within a day and a half.

What would you say to someone planning to list their home, who also wants to protect their equity?

I have been telling anyone who will listen to contact TRELORA when selling a home. It was the best home selling experience and I am so grateful to Dave and Chris and any of the crew that kept me informed. From sensible explanations to some hand holding, they were exceptional people to work with. I want to repay their generosity and kindness by spreading the word.

*If anyone reading this review would like to contact me, I would love to sing praises for TRELORA!!
— Jane Lambert


*Just ask! We're happy to furnish Jane's contact information as a reference for our magically delicious equity-saving real estate services.