TRELORA Story: Tim Javor

Tim Javor is a walking commercial for the team approach to selling real estate – and he knows it!

He wanted to protect the equity he’d built in his Denver-area home, but he didn’t want to sacrifice service when it came to real estate representation. Enter commission-free TRELORA. Our team was able to help Tim sell his home in a timely fashion for more than the asking price, and he experienced excellent communication and great service along the way.

Tim, you already know TRELORA does things differently than traditional real estate companies. What was it like working with our team?

This is probably going to sound like a commercial, but I feel very strongly about this company and their fantastic group of people, especially Christopher and Dave who I had the privilege and pleasure of working with. Truly wonderful, committed people!

Not everyone in the real estate industry is on board with a team approach to service. What are your thoughts?

This company is proof positive that the Team Concept to real estate business processes works; don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Customer driven satisfaction is at the forefront of everything they do. These folks really do care! They offer excellent communication from everyone on the team, your team, in which you play a pivotal and integral role in the successful sale of your home. They surround themselves with the best people and companies to insure their performance is never compromised.

What was the end result of your choice to work with TRELORA?

The result is stellar performance: 32 showings in 4 days! 5 offers, 4 over base price and a final sale $20,000 over MLS base price!!! Thank you!


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