Needs, wants, and dreams...

Let us know a little bit  about what you are looking for so we can match you up with the perfect TRELORA home. 

Buying a home is an exciting and challenging process, whether it’s your first time or your tenth. We’re here to help you, and save you money. At TRELORA you receive full service from a team of experts to help you locate, view, sumbit offers, and purchase your next home.

To better serve you in your search it is helpful to know as much as possible about what you're looking for. Here at TRELORA, we call this your Needs, Wants, and Dreams list. 

Take some time to think about your needs, wants, and dreams. This shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, but is a very important step in helping us narrow your home search and get you into homes that you truly want to see.

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What type of Financing will you be using to purchase your home?
Have you obtained a pre qualification letter through your lender?
Can TRELORA also help you sell your home?
What kind of home do you prefer?
How many bedrooms do you need?
How many bathrooms do you need?
What kind of parking do you prefer?
Do you prefer an HOA?
How important are good schools where you live?
There are things that you need in a new home. It has to be a 2-story. It has to have 3 bedrooms.
Then, there are things you want in a new home. I'd really like it to have an attached garage, or I'd really like it to be a ranch.
Finally, there are things that you dream of your perfect home having. I'd love if it had an updated kitchen. I'd love if it had wood floors.