TRELORA puts millions back in the pockets of Denver Home Owners!

More than $19,000,000 saved so far

$860,000 saved in July 2016 alone!

What if we told you we offer a full, no compromise service equal or better to anyone but charge much MUCH less money than other Real Estate Agents*? (*and keep reading for the REAL secret that even other reduced commission agents don’t tell you?)

What if we told you TRELORA ranked 25h out of around 2000 brokerages in the greater metro area in 2015 in home sales, but did that with only 0.05% of the regions licensed agents!

What if we told you a survey by the National Association of Realtors reveals there there is a 90% dissatisfaction rating of agents service. but TRELORA sellers have flipped that upside down and awarded us an astonishing 90% NPS satisfaction rating!*

The real estate industry hasn’t changed in decades, and while TRELORA competitors like to imply, “you get what you pay for” perhaps a better cliche is:

“Work smarter not harder”

TRELORA has achieved these crazy results by adopting

  • .. a completely new approach to serving customers
  • .. a completely new approach to building a real estate brokerage business
  • .. a completely new approach to customer communication and transparency
  • .. a completely new approach to using technology for efficiency

The best news is we are passing all of the savings back to you the consumer.


How Real Estate Commissions Work.

For the last 100 years real estate commissions have worked pretty much the same way.

In Colorado around 6% of the sale price of a home (5.8% to be exact)  is split between the agent working with the buyer, and the agent working with the seller. So, on a $400,000 house (Denver average is $415,000 right now) that’s $24,000 total or $12,000 to each agent.   

Thanks to efficienciy TRELORA can do the same job even better and charge much less.


If you are buying a home..

Most of the homes for sale offer a 3% buyer agent commission.  If you choose us as your buyer agent we only keep $2,500 of that. What you do with the rest is between you and the seller.  You can keep it, put it towards closing costs or pass it back to the seller to sweeten your offer.

On that same $400,000 home the savings we are talking about is $9,500.  

On a $1m home it’s a crazy $27,500!!!


If you are selling a home..

Here things get a little more interesting, and this is the secret that most real estate agents don’t want you to know.   

As a seller it is between you and your agent how much you want to pay them.. but it is also COMPLETELY up to you how much you want to offer the agent who brings the buyer!

That’s right!  While it’s not unusual for a seller's agents to offer a discount on their side of the deal, it is the industry's biggest secret that it is completely up to the seller to decide how much the agent working with a buyer should be paid.  

3% is not a legally binding number, it’s not a “standard”, and it’s not a requirement

So if you are selling that same $400,000 home with TRELORA,  we will charge you a simple fee of $2,500 to sell your home. That’s a saving of $9,500 on one side of deal.  

If you also decide to lower what you offer to the buyer’s agent to e.g.  $2,500, that’s another $9,500 in savings.

So on that same $400,000 home  the total savings are now $19,000.

On a $1m home it’s monumental $55,000!!

What’s the catch?

Some agents can look logically at the industry and acknowledge the job description isn’t what it was 20 years ago.  Home prices have grown exponentially, 89% of buyers now find their own homes, and online showing scheduling services and contract systems reduce the workload. Open minded agent understand the days of the percentage commission are numbered!

Other agents just don’t get it and they don’t want to talk about  it.  That’s not to say they aren’t awesome at what they do, but let’s be honest,   some agents are seasoned rock stars,  some are rookies, and some are completely terrible, so how does it make sense that everyone charges and is paid the same amount?

TRELORA is breaking new ground with it’s pricing model, and the power it is putting in the hands of people like you.  Some agents get it and some don’t. That’s the catch.


Does this really work and is TRELORA right for you?

  • TRELORA is on track to sell 650 homes this year (Last year we sold 472 which ranked us 25th out of 2000  brokerages in the area in terms of sales volume.)
  • The average TRELORA customer saves $12,200 in commissions.
  • 65% of our sellers chose to offer a simple $2,500 to the buyer's agent.
  • Of those, around one quarter successfully closed the deal at that amount without further negotiation.
  • The rest accepted offers where the buyer commission is negotiated to a higher amount, and 8 out of 10 of these are less than the traditional 3%.

We’re not perfect and we’re not going to make everyone happy all the time, but don’t take our word for it.. check out our Yelp, Google and Zillow reviews.

Is TRELORA right for you?  There’s only one way to find out.  Let’s talk!   We promise you won’t find a more down to earth, honest, open and transparent bunch of people who really want to serve you well.

If you are a seller, we’ll answer your questions and if you want, set an appointment for one of our Pricing Consultants to come to your home and lay out what we think the best plan for you is to sell it.

If you are a buyer we’ll answer your questions and if you want, set an appointment to talk to you about what your needs, wants and dreams are, and help you get your ducks in a row to be ready to make an attractive offer on that home that you suddenly find you simply must have!