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Keep your equity and your sanity

You've worked hard for years to build equity in a huge investment - your home. How does it feel to know you could be forking over 6% of your home's equity to a REALTOR® to sell in a market where homes are flying off the shelves? We bet it would feel like crap, huh? Good thing it doesn't have to.

Traditional real estate agents charge a hefty commission based on the value of your home. With TRELORA, you simply pay a $2,500 flat fee to list your home ($500 up front, $2,000 at closing). And, you have the power to decide how much you want to offer the Buyer's Agent. Look at you, saving all over the place. 


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You get a team of experts instead of one jack of all trades (and a master of none). Our listing agents are in the top 1% of agents in the country, which means you're in good hands.


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You have 24/7 access to your transaction through MyTRELORA. You call the shots from anywhere, at any time. You can receive updates, manage showings, accept offers, communicate with TRELORA staff, and much more.


You save thousands in real estate commissions by choosing to pay $2,500 instead of 3% of your home equity to your listing agent. You've chosen wisely, young Jedi.


Can you trust Online Estimates?

We pit three leading online price estimators against each other and grade the result.

Your home selling journey

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This is the first step towards your success. You'll talk with your lead agent, determine a list price and go!


Our professional photographer will take high dynamic range pictures to show off your home.

MLS Listing

Your property will be listed on the MLS and marketed across 500+ websites like Zillow and Redfin.

Offers & Under Contract

You'll get a notification for every showing and offer. Your lead agent will negotiate on your behalf and help you get the best price for your home.


Sign on the Dotted Line

We'll see you at the closing table, which is at our office on Platte St. :)


Get a free pricing consultation

One of our expert Home Advisors will come to your home, do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to give you a recommended list price, and build you a Net Sheet showing what cash money you could walk away with from the sale of your home. We'll also answer any deferred maintenance questions and give you staging tips.

This is all at no cost to you - you don't have to hire us and there's no pressure from our team. But, we're pretty sure you're going to love us after this appointment, so be ready.