Selling Your Home with TRELORA

Everything you need to know in two minutes.

Have a seat,  get comfortable and invest 2 minutes in what could be the most important decision you make this decade! By the end of this 2 minute read you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to know about selling your home and whether TRELORA will be a good fit for you.

TRELORA helps people buy and sell homes. Lots of people.  

In some ways, we do things similarly to traditional agents, but in terms of pricing, transparency, technology and service we do things differently. In fact, if you listen to our customers, we do things better!

On fees and pricing.

Usually when selling a home, people (like you) end up paying about 3% of the sale price to their agent, and another 3% to the agent helping the buyer.  

We’ve saved the Denver market over $16,000,000 in commissions over the last 4 years by taking a different approach. When TRELORA sells your home, you’ll pay a flat $2,500 service fee for our side of the deal.  

Same price for everyone - because it’s the same contract, same amount of effort, same process.  It just makes sense.   

On the other side, we recommend you offer $2,500 to the agent helping the buyer too, because that’s what we charge when we help buyers.  Agents who are used to getting 3% don’t really like this. But hey - they can come back and negotiate for more, and about ⅓ of the time that’s exactly what happens. That’s between them and their buyers.

Use our Pricing Slider to get an idea of how much you can save on full service real estate for one flat fee. Hint: It’s a lot of money!


We believe the more buyers and sellers know about the deal and each other, the better. You want to sell your house, they want to buy it. We’ll help facilitate this win-win, not get in the way!  


Our technology will keep you in touch with us and the transaction. We realize we’re not just selling a home, we are helping you through a stressful process! Information is the foundation of peace of mind and trust, and your MyTRELORA account will be a window into the inner workings of your deal. No secrets here - just regular communication and full transparency.

We provide world class service by taking a different approach. The person who will come out to help price your home does this more times in one week than a traditional “generalist” agent will do in a year. Their depth of feet-on-the-ground experience can’t be matched.

When you hire TRELORA, you’ll be working with a specific highly skilled lead agent, and also their entire team. “Team” means real people answering the phone 7 days a week and text responses of around 3 minutes max.  

Our customers have given us an 88% NPS (Net Promoter Score.) To put that # in perspective, companies like Apple proudly celebrate scores of around 60!

What can you expect when you hire us? That’s simple.

  • TRELORA will provide a stellar real estate experience.

  • Our world class agents will be beside you every step of the way.

  • You’ll always know where you stand, always have access to information and support and we’ll get the job done.
  • All this for less money than anyone else in town - and we are a FULL SERVICE firm.

In an industry that has been slow to evolve, TRELORA is a breath of fresh air.


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Home Consultation

• Valuation of your property based on comparable homes in your area
• Receive staging advice

Listing Your Property

• Your property will be listed on the MLS and syndicated to hundreds of search sites
• Professional photos of your home will be taken 

Home Showings

• Remain in control of all showings and view feedback in the MyTRELORA platform
• Our team manages and facilitates on-demand showings of your property to prospective buyers as your schedule allows

Under Contract

• Get expert advice from your Lead Agent, who will put your home under contract, negotiate on your behalf throughout the process, and get you to the closing table