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How Does TRELORA Work With Other Agents?

In addition to delivering elevated representation to our clients, our team works hard to serve all cooperating agents well. Below, you can learn more about how we work, get answers to frequently asked questions, and submit new questions for public Q&A.

We Work as a Team

Just like a traditional top producing agent, each TRELORA Listing Agent is supported by a Transaction Coordinator and Administrator, in addition to a full office staff. A secondary Listing Agent also partners behind the scenes to support during the primary Listing Agent’s vacations or any unforeseen time off. Our team approach is designed to foster internal collaboration and seamless communication with each client and cooperating agent.

We Have a Set Schedule (…for the most part)

While our office is open 7 days a week, TRELORA agents and employees usually work a traditional 5-day work week. Our scheduling system ensures that a well-educated, licensed agent is always available to cooperate with external agents on every transaction. Lead Listing Agents can always be reached in case of an extreme emergency, but our agents deserve a work-life balance and we work diligently to protect their personal time.

We Have Reasonable Deadlines

All of our sellers and agents request that contracts never contain Sunday deadlines and that all deadlines be no later than 5PM. This prevents unnecessary stress and while ensuring that all parties still receive answers in a timely manner. We believe that evenings should be protected as personal time. If something major happens after 5pm, we’ll tackle it first thing in the morning. So when you’re working with us, relax and take the night off.

We Allow Our Sellers To Make The Initial Offer Of Compensation

TRELORA doesn’t know what another agent is worth until he or she tells us, so we never force our sellers to offer a “standard” commission to pay the buyer’s agent. In fact, just the word “standard” used in that context would imply antitrust activity. Instead, our sellers offer a reasonable fee (usually around $2,500), understanding that some agents and buyers might request more. Open communication that includes all parties guarantees that every agent in every transaction with TRELORA is paid fairly.