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We love your spirit and mindset.

TRELORA is creating a development program for those that aren’t satisfied with being part of the 99%, but want to rise to the top 1% in their field.

The program is based on our track record of success developing the top professionals in the industry. Every TRELORA lead agent negotiates and personally manages more transactions than 99% of all agents in the U.S. This means that they interact, negotiate and navigate the many intricacies of a transaction on a much larger scale. In 2015, the average agent had 11 transactions, according to the National Association of Realtors. In 2016, a TRELORA lead agent will close over 300 transactions.

There will be a limited number of seats available for the right candidates. If you’d like us to add you to the list and stay in touch as we roll out later this year, simply give us your email address.