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More Home. Less Cost.

When you buy/sell with TRELORA you keep the commissions that REALTORS® take for themselves.

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Buy & Sell the Modern Way

Get the service you deserve and the technology to make the process smoother for a flat fee of $2,500. On average, our buyers and sellers save $12,500. You've spent years building equity or saving up for your biggest investment - your home. Why give 6% of your equity away to a REALTOR®?

TRELORA is the word REALTOR® jumbled up.


TRELORA has saved Denver homeowners over $31 million


Can you trust Online Estimates?

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It's Your Ship, Captain

It's your home - you call the shots. We'll give you our expert advice and from there you can make the best decisions that work for you. You're in control, Captain.

Through the Looking Glass

We're transparent with you because we believe that's the best way to create a real relationship founded on trust. 

Less is More Here

You can say goodbye to horrendous commissions. With TRELORA's flat fee structure, you don't have to feel screwed by a REALTOR® after you sold your home. Buyers get more home by working with us.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Our team-based approach benefits clients, external agents, and our employees. Each team member becomes an expert in their area of the business as opposed to one agent handling your entire transaction and not being a master in any area.

Keep Your Equity & Sanity

We're in this for the good of everyone. Our vision is to empower homeowners by putting what would have been agent commissions back in their pocket. Stop wondering why REALTORS® cost so much. It's your equity - keep it.

Paying it Forward

We're dedicated to the well-being of the community. Through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver and our Green Pigs Foundation, we're giving back to those most in need. With every closing, we also invite our clients to Pig it Forward.

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TRELORA is the most professional RE company I’ve used in all my time in Denver (43 years). They have an expert for each field as opposed to one broker knowing a little bit about each separate function, but not a master in any. I will definitely use TRELORA on any future real estate purchases I do. Why wouldn’t I want to save a lot of money? Great Company, Great Concept!
— Mike O.
The service I received was outstanding because each team member is so focused and capable in their area of expertise. And, I ended up saving more than $20k in real estate fees. I strongly recommend this approach if you are selling your home. You won’t be disappointed!
— Lea H.
The sale of our home was a flawless process.... I can’t thank this team enough for the great experience in selling our home, the founders for taking the risky step of revolutionizing this archaic industry and helping to make real estate sexy again for buyers and sellers!
— Cameron F.


TRELORA is a company made up of daring individuals anxious to shake up a 100-year old industry ripe for innovation. You've seen evolution in every other aspect of your life, but why not real estate? Because 6% of your home equity is enough to make a living. We've developed technology and a team-based approach to give you the ease of 24/7 access to your transaction and experts to get you across the finish line.

Times have changed. Technology has changed. Real estate is changing.


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