Deep Dive Expansion

Divers with goals succeed because they know where they are going.
— Felicity Lackey

The TRELORA method of conducting real estate transactions is not a Band-Aid or a quick fix for the problems that exist within the real estate industry; we are the long term solution. Problem solving is a process – and investing time and energy to uncover everything we need to know about how to help this real estate revolution grow and flourish is the path to success. 

We’re diving at record depths. 

The real estate industry is a strong fortress built on a foundation of archaic business principles, and before we can uproot that foundation, we need to start digging. And then dig some more. 

Any business or idea at the forefront of innovation – any organization pushing boundaries, solving problems and advocating for consumers – wants to expand; it’s only natural.

Expanding a mile wide and an inch deep gets us nowhere.
We are not slowing down expansion, we are going deep and expanding effectively.
— CEO Joshua Hunt

TRELORA is looking for the market that checks all of our boxes,  our market match. The way this expansion takes place, though, can mean the difference between longevity and a flash in the pan. Battle lines drawn, we’re fighting for the former. 

Diving deeper into the work we’re doing here in Denver means growth.  As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.  Building anything of substance takes an immense amount of work.  There are absolutely zero shortcuts.  But it’s the right way to do business expansion. 

The strategic maneuvers we are engaged in today will help us expand with the firepower we need to back us in regional markets across the country, and the fuel we need to continue.