TRELORA has saved Denver homeowners over: $31,000,000!


We provide excellent, full-service real estate representation. TRELORA agents will guide you during every step of the transaction, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the facts and are well equipped to make the best decisions. At every major milestone we actively solicit satisfaction updates through a simple 5-star rating system. We average a 4.92 rating.


Agent commissions can drastically affect a buyer’s final sale price and proceeds. As a TRELORA buyer, you have access to every commission being offered on homes for sale. This knowledge allows you to negotiate better deals for yourself and with the sellers of the home you purchase. As a TRELORA seller, you can make important decisions with full confidence, knowing you have complete transparency on every dollar changing hands. To view updates to your transaction at any time, just log in to myTRELORA for full access to every detail in your file.

Task Specialization.

Every TRELORA lead agent personally negotiates and manages more transactions than 99% of all agents in the U.S. How do they do it? Task specialization. Consider: an efficient doctor’s office has at least four positions: a receptionist, an office manager, a nurse, and the doctor. Patients don’t want their doctor answering phones, filling out insurance forms, drawing blood, or ordering supplies. Think of your TRELORA lead agent like your doctor. You may be supported by other experts at times, but your dedicated lead agent always negotiates, advises, and does “doctor-level" work.


It’s very simple. Whether you’re buying or selling, $2,500 gets you one of the top-ranked lead agents in the country, backed by highly experienced and caring Transaction Coordinators and Administrators. You'll receive first-class service until your successful closing (maybe even longer if we really bond). Traditional realtors charge an inflated 6% commission on the sale price of your home. TRELORA charges one flat fee of $2,500 to list your home or assist you in the purchase of your next home. We don’t believe in charging more for the same services just because one home is worth more than another. Our clients save an average of $12,500 on the purchase or sale of their home. 

Find out how much you will save!


How can a phone app instantly transfer money, summon a ride, or access live satellite images… yet, a real estate transaction still feels so manual, laborious and complex? Don’t worry. We fixed that, too. When you buy or sell with TRELORA, you receive a secure login to myTRELORA. “MyT," as we affectionately refer to it, is an easy-to-use platform that lets you call the shots from anywhere. You can receive updates, manage showings, accept offers, communicate with TRELORA staff, and much more. Of course, phone calls and email still work great, but we think you’ll be hooked on the control and experience you get with “myT”.

Technology plays a powerful role within the industry, but many advancements have been kept out of your hands to protect the industry’s inflated 6% commission rate. The more mysterious a real estate transaction appears, the more people are willing to pay excessively to buy or sell a home.

TRELORA. The future of affordable real estate transactions – available now.