You've Worked Too Hard to Give Your Equity Away


As we're sure you know, the thought of giving away 5-6% of your home equity away is INSANITY. That's why TRELORA exists. To take the second-guessing, not really understanding where the value is in paying a REALTOR 6% to sell your home, headaches away. 

We give you a team of licensed agents and technology to successfully sell your home without the ridiculous fees.


As a buyer, you have a huge advantage by working with TRELORA. Let's do some math.

The commission offered to the Buyer's Agent by the seller (typically 2.8%) minus a flat fee to buy with TRELORA = surplus $$$ for you to decide how you want to use it. Want to use it as leverage with the seller or pay off your lender fees, title, taxes, etc. with that dough? Go for it.

One of our Home Advisors will be contacting you shortly after you submit the form. Please let us know who referred you in the "How You Heard About Us" section so we can thank them!