TRELORA Client Reviews

Check out what our fans – er, clients – are saying about us...

I am amazed with the service. I felt so comfortable and the low price was just a bonus! When I hear that someone is buying or selling, the first thing I always recommend to them is ‘call TRELORA - you’ll thank me’!
— Natty V.
The selling price we got after working with TRELORA was higher than what the traditional agent who was trying to get our business said we could get.
— Neal S.

I loved TRELORA so much I sold two houses with them! I tell everyone I know to use TRELORA because they can save you tons of money.
— Tony P.
Everyone was very helpful. We really enjoyed working with Eileen. She was very helpful and patient with us.
— Lauren M.
I think the whole idea behind what TRELORA is trying to do is fantastic. I sincerely hope they can bring the real estate industry into the 21st century.
— Will H.
I like the way TRELORA works as a team. There was always someone available to answer questions or help with issues. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. Thank you for the great experience.
— Nanci R.
TRELORA was worth every penny they saved us!
— Mr. and Mrs. Carrozza