There is a general misconception that when you buy a home, your agent is “free” because the seller pays all the commissions; typically 3% of the home price per agent, 6% total.

Do you know what the seller pays commission with?

What does the seller pay the commission with? Your money!

TRELORA is breaking the mold! 6% commission means a big chunk of money added to the mortgage you’ll pay for many years - with interest to top of it off. Ouch!

TRELORA is different. We think differently, we act differently and we charge differently.  

We charge a seller $2,500 when they sell their home with us, and a buyer pays us $2,500 to represent them when they buy a home. One flat service fee, the same for everyone. No secrets. No hidden costs. So simple you don’t even need a calculator!   

What does that mean for you?

If you buy a TRELORA home, the total commission on the selling side is $2,500 - not 3%. If we help you buy a TRELORA home, you pay a flat $2,500 for our services. If the home you purchase is not a TRELORA listing and the commission offered is 3% or any figure above $2,500, those additional funds come back to you. We will not charge you more than $2,500, even if the seller advertises a higher fee for us, your agent.

This changes everything.

Our cost structure is simple, straightforward and ultimately benefits your bottom line. You won’t pay more for our services because the home you purchase costs more. TRELORA is a full service real estate firm available 7 days a week to provide the best service, technology and transactional transparency to Denver-area consumers - all at a fair price.