Olivia Burke

Olivia Burke is an Executive Assistant to the CEO at TRELORA. 

Q & A with Olivia Burke

What does it mean to you to be part of TRELORA?

It means being part of something for the greater good.  Being part of TRELORA is being a part of a change that I want to see, help with, and help change the real estate industry. We aren't just selling homes--we are revolutionizing real estate and helping consumers have more knowledge, power, and ultimately save more of their hard earned money/equity.

What do you like about working at TRELORA?

I love that every day is different and I really the love the culture. It is an open door policy and everyone works hard. Top level management always has your best interest in mind and wants you to keep improving and will help you take the next step in your career.

How do you try to leave people better?

I am a very honest and straightforward person, but I always try to treat them as I would want to be treated or spoken to. Being nice can go a long way in the world.

Name 3 of your core values

  • Honesty

  • Hard Work

  • Trust

Tell us about your best TRELORA experience

My best experience at TRELORA was when I was working as an agent and hearing clients say "thank you so much" and "the amount of savings I had in what would be commissions, is going to help me so much". It is also always great to hear their genuine gratitude they have for our technology process, advice, and savings.

Tell us about a work-related challenge you have overcome

A work-related challenge I overcame happened quite early and it was some of the comments I would receive from competitors because they didn't like our business model. I realized very quickly that no matter what it is always best to be understanding, kind, and it has helped me handle other situations outside of my work life.

If you weren't revolutionizing the real estate industry, what would you be doing?

I would (hopefully) be working for a company that is trying to make a change for the better in the world, or for a non-profit.

Pets? Family? Hobbies?

My husband and I have one fur-baby who we love dearly. When I'm done working for the day, exercising is a great stress reliever for me! Brunch, shopping, and exploring the beautiful state of CO are things I enjoy on the weekends. I am a new homeowner so I am learning to love yard work :)

Next time you save $12k (or more) on your personal real estate transaction, how will you spend your dough?

 I would go on a beach vacation and then save the rest of it for my future children's college.

Describe your dream home

My dream home is a home that I can build from the ground up so it is exactly to my liking. It of course has to have a basement for movie nights and a big backyard/patio with a built-in fire pit for entertainment with friends and family. Pristine landscaping and lush green grass is a must!

What's your favorite Denver brewery or happy hour spot? 

Zuni Street Brewing and New Terrain Brewing (Golden) are two of my favorite spots in the Denver area to enjoy a cold beverage with good company.