Brian Plantico


Brian Plantico is a Lead Agent for the Stjernholm Listing Team, keeping your real estate deal moving forward through every detail and any challenge. A good Lead Agent brings some of the most important tools in the kit – they are the duct tape to make your deal stick and the WD-40 that keeps it moving forward. Brian is capable and skilled in advocating to keep more home equity in your pocket. 

Q & A with Brian Plantico

What does it mean to you to be part of TRELORA?

Being on this team means never settling for "good enough" or "that's just the way it is.”

What do you like about working at TRELORA?

There's never a dull moment.

How do you try to leave people better?

Treat people like you would want your Mom or Dad to be treated.

Name 3 of your core values.

  • Acceptance

  • Patience

  • Learning

Tell us about your best TRELORA experience.

We work with so many great clients. The best experiences at TRELORA come from our clients' success. We save people a lot of money on their real estate deals – and it’s cool to be part of that story. 

Tell us about a work-related challenge you have overcome.

Being part of such a smart, driven team goes a long way toward overcoming challenges. Current and former team members have all shaped the direction of TRELORA, and any challenges I've been fortunate enough to overcome wouldn't have been possible without all of those ladies and gentlemen and the innovative groundwork they’ve laid for the team.

If you weren't revolutionizing the real estate industry, what would you be doing?


Read any good books lately?

If you haven't read Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail by Dave Arnold, it's good (and for a quasi-textbook on the science behind making drinks, it's not dry at all.)

Pets? Family? Hobbies?

I try to be the best brother, son, nephew and uncle that I can be.

Next time you save $12k (or more) on your personal real estate transaction, how will you spend your dough?

Who else wants to drink a beer on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro?