Colin Smith

Colin Smith is a Field Manager at TRELORA. He is a critical piece of the organization and supports the team from out in the community. Colin likely knows every street of Denver and the surrounding area from his experience picking up the For Sale signs. 

In his time away from work, you can catch Colin frolfing - yes, that's a real thing. He values hard work and honesty, and is willing to help anyone whenever he can.

Q & A with Blake Berman

What does it mean to you to be part of TRELORA?

Personally, it helps me with stability and I'm proud to be working for a great company.

What do you like about working at TRELORA?

I like that TRELORA is revolutionary to an industry I want to have my career in, and helps me get a step up. Also, my coworkers are great.

How do you try to leave people better?

I always try to assist everyone in any way I can.

Name 3 of your core values.

  • Honesty

  • Growth

  • Hard work

Tell us about your best TRELORA experience.

The team outing at the Rockies game.

Tell us about a work-related challenge you have overcome.

Around my second month, I was not preforming up to snuff. But when I saw the challenge coming in the summer, it made me better.

If you weren't revolutionizing the real estate industry, what would you be doing?

Working in a restaurant and working toward my real estate license.

Pets? Family? Hobbies?

I have two dogs and cat; a huge family, four siblings and four parents to start. I like to golf and frolf.

Next time you save $12k (or more) on your personal real estate transaction, how will you spend your dough?I would remodel the landscape in my yard.

I would remodel the landscape in my yard.

Describe your dream home.

I'd love a house with a big basement and huge backyard, insanely nice master bathroom, and one room with vaulted ceilings. Ideally, the home would be three stories located somewhere similar to Brighton so I'm not too close to my neighbors.

What's your favorite Denver brewery or happy hour spot?

Only been to View House, I hear it's not the place to be.