Greg Hanson

Listing Agent

Joined TRELORA: February 2015

Live: Riverfront Park area (only a 7 min. walk to the office!)

Fun fact: In high school I was trying to drastically improve my snowboarding skills so I pushed myself a little too hard over winter vacations and broke a bone three years in a row (wrist, arm, and collar bone).

Which do you prefer, sweet or salty foods: Definitely prefer salty SPICY foods, more specifically Thai cuisine, Tom Yum soup is my weakness.

Be able to turn invisible OR be able to fly: Be able to fly! Easy decision.

Talk to me about: I'm from Tucson, AZ. HUGE Wildcat basketball fan. I played drums in high school! Mainly ska and progressive rock bands, but I did play in a hardcore scream-o band for a short much fun!