Five Star Ratings

A systematized approach to collecting feedback from our customers on specific milestones and activities, as well as allowing the capture of ad hoc "in the moment" feedback a customer can give us at any time.  

The 5 star rating system encourages constant feedback, diminishing the barriers between TRELORA sellers and partners. Clients are prompted at every stage of their transaction to give feedback in a non intrusive fashion.

Clients have the opportunity to reinforce their feedback and submit a reason as to why they chose to rate us as they did.  This feedback then populates to the agent's MyTRELORA view of the transaction, granting them a leading indicator into the emotions of their client. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.06.39 AM.png

Agents now have an accurate gauge and a holistic view of the transactions in their book of business along with the correlating emotions of their clients. 

Information is power.

The 5 star review system imparts detailed information directly from the client to their agent, translating to world class customer service. After mere weeks of this feature going active, it's begun to drive and inspire our team to another level. 

In the future we will be rolling out the five star rating tool to agents we are working with, along with our clients. 

The 5 Star review functionally reinforces TRELORA's core vale: leaving others better.