Letter from the CTO

MyTRELORA is the proprietary platform, built by TRELORA´s internal development team, that is redefining how people buy and sell homes. TRELORA is overcoming the complex transaction process dominated by physical paperwork, and protected by impenetrable walls. The tech team focuses on creating a completely transparent, powerful, and easy to use tool to truly lead a revolution in real estate. 

MyTRELORA is our main objective.

Real estate agents spend the majority of their time on monotonous tasks, tedious paperwork, and the arduous management of dates and deadlines. TRELORA aims to strip the home transaction of time consuming, repetitive tasks through the implementation of technological systems, providing a five star experience to our clients and partners. 

MyTRELORA today is such an integrated part of our lives, and the lives of our clients it’s mind blowing to realize that this time last year it didn’t exist. Not one line of it.

MyTRELORA acts as the groundwork. Enabling us to move full-speed ahead. We plan on deploying an average of three tech improvements daily, and rolling out at least one major feature per week. 

Our most recent milestones and feature releases include team-to-client texting capabilities, seller net-sheet functionality, and an uber-esque 5-star rating system.  

Our team's number one objective is to build an transparent and powerful platform that maximizes the relationship between the agent and client, while stripping away all of the monotonous, tedious tasks, to make the home selling experience extraordinary. 

- Keith Hunniford