Seller Net Sheet

Imagine you're selling your home in a hot market.  Multiple offers are rolling in, numbers are everywhere, and you're inundated with definitions and terms that you know nothing about.  Among all the chaos, how do you make sense of it all?  The seller net sheet built into MyTRELORA is the answer.  

The Net Sheet is a tool that quickly calculates the amount of equity our clients can expect to pocket upon the sale of their home.

The sheet takes into account all of the necessary numbers: HOA fees, loan information, expected sale price, buyer agent commissions, and any other necessary information, to give our clients an accurate figure for the amount of money they can expect to make from their sale.

The net sheet is available to both the seller and the TRELORA agent. The tool is always available within MyTRELORA, so the client can login whenever they want to change their numbers, or experiment with a different offer price.  On the flip side, the TRELORA agent can login to support the seller with the net sheet, or to use the sheet as a leading indicator to find out how the seller is feeling about a certain offer price.  

The net sheet is another powerful reason to utilize TRELORA over a competing brokerage.  The feature is a clear representation of MyTRELORA as a whole: powerful, transparent, and exceedingly simple to use.  A tool that communicates the savings that TRELORA advocates so aggressively  for.