Text Integration

When a client begins their home selling journey, MyTRELORA auto-provisions a custom phone number, allowing them to call and text their listing team directly. Incoming calls are routed appropriately (and automatically recorded for the benefit of our team and client), and incoming texts instantly grab the attention of the team associated with the transaction. 

Integrated text is not the next electric car, but there is a component of innovation to this feature. Incoming texts auto-populate to the the listing team's transaction platform, associating it with the correct transaction. MyTRELORA archives all communication, meaning jabber (where these texts automatically populate) captures the intricacies of every transaction, further lending itself to better customer service.  

Our team members can then return texts straight from the MyTRELORA platform without skipping a beat. Texting is a widely accepted form of communication and with the complex integration, our team can converse with clients much more efficiently. 

Making it possible for the team to text clients through MyTRELORA opens up the next level of  partner efficiency.